Assisi house


Providing Stability & Building Community

Assisi House provides food, shelter, transportation, security, and community for a small group of formerly-homeless men or women, to allow them to focus on issues in their lives that have caused them to be homeless.


Assisi House creates an atmosphere that is safe and supportive, transitioning residents into independent living, or offering others indefinite housing due to disabilities or other issues. Each person has their own bedroom, lockable and secure. They pay rent of approximately $200-$250 each month, share common areas and household responsibilities.

Residents are carefully screened and often come to Assisi House by agency referral. Assisi House is entirely funded by non-governmental sources.

When you don't have a job, you can't pay the rent.

When you don't have an address, you can't get a job.

How Assisi House Began

In 2005, a group of volunteers organized the St. Louis Winter Outreach (SLWO) to prevent unhoused people from dying from exposure during the coldest nights of the winter. They began by reaching out to the homeless with blankets, food, water, coats, and supplies; transporting people to shelters; and building a network of eight emergency shelters to house people overnight when temperatures dropped below 20 degrees. This work continues today.

After nearly 10 years of Winter Outreach work, organizers realized they could do more. Assisi House was formed in 2014 to provide an every-night, all-winter shelter for 27 men. At the end of that first winter, the building was converted into permanent housing for 13 men, who paid about $250 per month in rent.

The first Assisi House endeavor was so successful that an additional site, Assisi House II, was opened the next year. Assisi Houses III and IV opened in the years following. Currently, two houses are for women and two are for men. 

Being homeless soon turns to being hopeless.

You spend most of your time and energy

looking for something to eat and a safe place to sleep.

Assisi House at St. Pius V

In 2018, our parish convent at 3522 Utah Street became available for other uses, after our beloved Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O'Fallon relocated. The convent building, with thirteen small, individual bedrooms and large common spaces, is ideally suited for the community-building work of the Assisi House organization.  St. Pius V parish has been part of the South Grand and Tower Grove neighborhoods for over 100 years. We are an active partner in the stability of the local community. 


Assisi House V is now in operation in our former convent building as of mid-November 2018, to offer housing, support, and community to 13 men.

The men have been selected by a working committee consisting of social workers on behalf of Assisi House, in collaboration with referral sources at other agencies like St. Patrick Center, Sts. Peter and Paul, and others. The men have been carefully chosen based on the committee's judgement regarding their suitability for living in a communal setting.

Assisi House provides a safe place to live

while getting on with the business of living.


Winter Phase, 2018 - Completed

For four months--mid-November to mid-March--the house operated as an all-winter shelter, giving 16 men a rent-free period, two meals a day, monthly bus passes, and secure locker space for their personal items. 

During this four-month period, residents were allowed to arrive at the house at 5:00PM and stay until 8:00AM. On Sundays, residents were allowed to stay in all day if they chose. Also during that period, paid staff or volunteers were on site whenever residents were there. House rules were strict and extensive. Residents were not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs of any kind, or be in possession of weapons of any kind in or anywhere near the house. Violation of these rules would result in immediate expulsion.

Permanent Phase, Spring 2019 - Current Phase

In mid-March, 2019, we converted the house into a permanent supportive housing facility for 13 men, in the same manner that the first four Assisi Houses now operate. Residents have individual bedrooms with locks, are required to pay rent, and contribute to the home's upkeep and maintenance while focusing on building up their lives.

At this phase, we shifted from staffing in the house to electing one of the men to serve as a resident manager. Our neighbors at Assisi House V will remain responsible for paying rent and living in community. Assisi House Inc. will remain responsible for the operation until and if the parish wishes to assume a more active and direct role in management of the house. St. Pius V will remain the owners of the building.


Assisi House Contacts

Jerry King: 314-607-2199

Mailing Address

17 Green Acres

St. Louis, MO 63137

Assisi House Board

Board President: Bill Krenn (President and COO of Winco Window Company)

Tekka Childress, BJC Outreach

Deborah Sheperis & Jerry King, Retired Executives

Tracey Wolff, Pastor

Derrick Thomas, Homebuilder

Kathy Carmody, Social Worker