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Preparing for Pentecost

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Resources to help prepare for Pentecost Sunday

Fr. Paul’s bulletin letter to Parishioners, Pentecost, May 23, 2021


     “Pentecost “ is from a Greek word meaning fifty; today is the fiftieth (and final) day of the Easter Season. In Bible times, Greek-speaking Jews celebrated Pentecost as the fiftieth day after Passover. It was one of the great feasts that was marked with a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This explains why there were so many people around to hear the first sermon of the Apostle Peter.  Acts of the Apostles tells us that 3000 were baptized after hearing his message. So Pentecost is  often called “the birthday of the Church.”

     In the Roman Church, the liturgical color is red, reminding us of the miraculous appearance of the Holy Spirit as “tongues of fire.” In the English Church, Pentecost is called Whitsunday (White Sunday) because is was customary to baptize on this day. In the Eastern Churches, the color for Pentecost is green, because the Holy Spirit is the “Lord and Giver of Life.” In the northern hemisphere, trees and fields are green by this time of the year.

     However we celebrate or mark this day, the important thing is that we do as Jesus says in
today’s Gospel: Receive the Holy Spirit. Receive the fullness of God’s Love. Receive (and
activate) the Gifts of the Holy Spirit through prayer and study and service. Let the fruits of the  Spirit grow, and give them generously: what you have received freely, give freely (Matthew 10:8).


     Come, Holy Spirit: enlighten us! empower us! anoint us!



Prayer to the Holy Spirit from Loyola Press


Pentecost Novena from the Catholic Renewal Center, Archdiocese of St. Louis (pdf download)


Pentecost Sequence  

A sequence is a hymn added to the Liturgy of the Word on special days throughout the year.


VaticanClick here for Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis, Solemnity of Pentecost, 2021


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