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St Pius V Fish Fry. 2020


Due to ongoing health concerns in the St Louis Region, we will be only serving take out orders. While this is a large fundraiser for our parish, the safety of our guests and volunteers must be our top priority. Thank you for your understanding.

In order to help facilitate carry out orders, we will be accepting orders in the following ways:

In Person

  • Come in as you normally would, and we'll fill your order while you wait

By Phone

  • Call us at ((number will be posted on Friday))

  • We'll take your order over the phone and let you know when it will be ready

Facebook Direct Message or Email

  • Message us with the details of your order

  • Include each order entree, sides, sauces and bread as well as extra fish or sides

  • We'll respond and let you know the total and when it will be ready

Dinners will still include dessert, which you can pick when arriving. Orders can be paid for when picking them up.

Example Orders:

  • John Smith - Fried Catfish, Applesauce, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, White bread, Tartar Sauce

  • Joan Smith - 1/2 Fried Cod, Mac and Cheese x2, cocktail sauce

  • Jimmy Smith - Cheese Pizza, Mac & Chz, Apple Sauce

Have questions? Need more information? Email us at

or find us on Facebook:


  • About

    • For over 15 years, St Pius V has hosted a fabulous fish fry for the South Grand Neighborhood, and all of St Louis! We’re known for our great food, live music, friendly faces, and efforts at sustainability.

    • Don’t just take our word for it (unless you want to), you can read about us in the River Front Times - 15 Best Fish Fries - #2

    • It’s not a Fish Fry, it’s a Celebration!

    • This year, we have a newly renovated hall to share with you!

  • Schedule

    • We serve from 4 PM to 7:30 PM the first 6 nights of Lent (we don’t serve on Good Friday)

    • 2020 Fridays are:

      • February 28th

      • March 6th

      • March 13th

      • March 20th

      • March 27th

      • April 3rd

  • Menu

    • It’s not the biggest, it’s not the fanciest, but we prefer to get the things we do right. We pride ourselves on our menu, made from scratch in our own kitchen each week.

    • Entrees

      • Fried Cod

        • Hand battered and deep fried to perfection

      • Baked Cod

        • Generous cod fillet, seasoned and baked with lemon, sealed in foil to keep all the flavor together (Gluten Free)

      • Fried Catfish

        • Hand battered in a Cajun season, perfectly fried and always delicious

      • Cheese Pizza

        • Kids Only option, a hot and delicious pizza.

    • Sides

      • Green Beans

        • These aint your momma’s green beans! Roasted for 30+ minutes in a special, secret sauté, the flavor is sure to impress (Gluten Free)

      • Mac and Cheese

        • Elbow macaroni with a mild, but flavorful, mix of cheeses, a favorite of kids and kids at heart alike

      • Potato Salad

        • We dice and slice them, mix them with real eggs and mayo, then add just the right seasoning, and you enjoy it (Gluten Free)

      • Cole Slaw

        • A rich, vinegar-based slaw, using our very own special vinegar sauce recipe. You can ask, but we won’t tell (Gluten Free)

      • Apple Sauce

        • Sweet and smooth, just the way it’s meant to be

    • Dessert

      • Made in house fresh for each night. You’ll get to choose from a rotating cast of deliciousness including:

        • Cookies

        • Brownies

        • Cake

        • Whatever else we want to surprise you with!

  • Pricing

    • Cash/Check/Credit Card Accepted

      • Debit Cards will be run as credit, no PIN entries

    • Full Plate- $10

      • 1 Entrée

      • 3 Sides

      • Dessert

    • Half Plate/Kids Meal - $5

      • Half Fried Catfish or Cod, or Pizza (Kids only)

      • 2 Sides

      • Dessert

    • Extra fish - $5

      • Must be purchase with a meal

    • Extra Sides - $1 Each

  • Dining Options

    • Dine In – Enter under red awning on Utah

    • Carry Out – Follow the signs under the red awning

      • Please, no eating Carry-out in the dining area

  • Bar

    • Domestic and Craft Bottles

    • Cans of Bud Light and Budweiser

    • Red and White wine by the Glass

    • Assorted Soda

    • Credit Cards welcome

  • Sustainability

    • Rooted in our Catholic faith is concern for creation. While eating and festivities like a fish fry do generate waste, we work hard to minimize our impact, while serving you.

    • We take steps like:

      • Using real china and utensils

      • Using compostable containers in our to-go area

      • Encouraging to-go orders to forgo plastic bags

      • Recycling all cans and bottles from our bar

      • Ensuring our food suppliers are responsibly and ethically harvesting the food they provide us

      • Recycling used cooking oil each week

      • Minimal use of disposable products, like aluminum foil and plastic

      • Forgoing use of plastic tablecloths

    • Over the past years, we’ve reduced our total waste to less than 4 trash bags, about 30 pounds each, for an entire night, serving over 600 people each night!

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