Reflections for Lent

Taking Time To Reflect on the Bulletin Covers of Lent

The covers are shown below.  The words next to each cover are from the Scriptures and Homilies.  Listen to the Gospels and Homilies again from the links on the home page.  Spend some quiet time with the pictures and words below, one week at a time.  What word or phrase stands out for you?  If this is new to you, try this for five minutes.  Try to work up to 20 minutes.  When you get distracted, focus again on a picture or word to help you let go of other thoughts.

Feel free to pick other words or phrases that come to you for your meditation.   


These will be available  each week during Lent.  Once you have a habit of this or similar practices, it will be easy to continue each week.  This would also be a great pick-me-up for Wednesdays to carry you through the rest of the week.

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First Sunday of Lent


40 days

Blessed Solitude 

Spiritual Friends

Listening Heart

Second Sunday of Lent


Agents of Transfiguration

Togetherness in God's World



Third Sunday of Lent

Christ (Christ Crucified)



Ten Commandments

Gift of God's Love

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Rich in Mercy

Son of Man

Eternal Live


Live the Truth

Fifth Sunday of Lent





Love One Another

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