Parish Nurse Notes

Diane Huck, RN, MSN

COVID-19 VACCINES                    (click on title to download article)


As we welcome 2021, the new COVID-19 vaccines give us more reason to be hopeful.  Vaccination helps slow the spread of this serious infection.


While there is not yet an approved vaccine to prevent the illness, the FDA has issued Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer and Moderna products.  Both have proven to be more than 94% effective in clinical trials. Each of the vaccines is given in two doses and recipients may experience mild, temporary side effects.


Getting the Covid-19 vaccine is highly recommended for most people by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  They are proven to be safe and prepare the body to fight the virus if exposed.


Currently, these vaccine supplies are limited and distribution has been prioritized according to federal and state guidelines.  As supplies increase, local governments will make the vaccines available to the general public.


Talk with your health care provider about any concerns you may have about being vaccinated, and to learn if it is appropriate for you.  More information about Covid-19 and the vaccines is also available at


In the meantime, continue with the practices we’ve been doing all along:


-Avoiding crowds


-Wearing face coverings when in public


-Frequent hand washing/sanitizing


-Maintain a distance of at least six feet from others


-Avoid others who are sick, or if you are feeling sick.


By doing our part each day, we can look forward to healthier days to come.

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