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Parish Nurse Notes

Diane Huck, RN, MSN


Funeral Planning

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Pre-arranged funeral plans are common in our society.  Burial or cremation, choice of funeral home, visitation setting are often selected long before a person dies.  Making these arrangements early saves the family added responsibility and stress in a difficult time.

Planning the Funeral Mass ahead of time can be equally as helpful to the loved ones.  This can include:

* Selecting Scripture readings and liturgical music that are important to you or reflective of your life and faith;

* Writing intercessory prayers;

* Naming those you want to be part of the Mass as lectors, gift bearers, etc.

Planning one’s own Funeral Mass might seem strange and difficult, but it can be a deeply rewarding spiritual experience. A copy of the plan can be given to the parish office to be kept on file until needed.


For resources and/or assistance with advanced funeral planning, contact Diane Huck, Parish Nurse.


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