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One year ago we asked for your donations and prayerful support of our many neighbors in need here at the St. Pius V St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry, and what a year it has been. Sadly, the need has grown as families struggle to maintain secure housing during unstable employment and the effects of the pandemic. As you can imagine, those who struggle to keep their housing also worry about feeding their children and other loved ones.


We again ask your help to raise $15,000 to get us through the coming holidays and into the new year. We routinely serve 110-130 families each week, easily a four-fold increase in the number of families served prior to the pandemic. We provide much needed fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, eggs, milk, frozen meat, canned and boxed goods, and personal care and household items. We are proud to provide our neighbors with a healthy, substantial amount of food and non-food items, but we need your help to continue this important work.


What will your donation purchase? A donation of $30 covers the items pictured, an example of what each household receives. $50 provides milk for 50 families, $75 provides 50 families with household items for a month, and $100 covers canned and boxed items for 12 families. NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE! We are grateful for whatever you can offer, and pledge to be good stewards of your gifts.


Please give by going to or visit our website and click on "Ways to give", then on "online". You may choose the Quick Give option, or donate through an existing account. Be sure to choose the ‘St. Vincent de Paul - Food Pantry’ option as you scroll down the page. You may also mail a check to St. Pius Food Pantry at 3310 S. Grand Ave. St. Louis, MO 63118. Many thanks for your generous response to those in need!!

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