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Click here for Updated Information on Feedback Summaries and next steps

Click here for Planning Area 3 Feedback Summaries

How to see Feedback Summaries for each Planning Area

Go to:

Put your mouse over: Planning Process

Then put mouse over: Planning Areas

Click on the specific Planning Area

Scroll down to see link for Feedback Summaries

Click here for Planning Area 3

Listening Session Slides and Videos

For all other Planning Areas:

(Mouse over Planning Process, mouse over Planning Areas and another menu will drop down showing the areas)

Click here for Parish Workbooks

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions


Click on links below for DMI survey reports

Fr. Paul's Message & St. Pius V's overall results

Archdiocese Overall Results

Belief in Core Catholic Teaching


Effectiveness of Parish Support

Key Drivers

Key Leader Perspective

Leadership Indicators

Missionary Impulse

Strengths & Opportunities

Sunday Experience

Survey Numbers


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