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A Reflection from the Anti-racism & Equity Working Group

Cathy Luebbering, a member of the Anti-racism & Equity Committee, writes about unpacking her racial biases with others in JustFaith and the Anti-racism working group.

I recently heard a conversation with the poet Claudia Rankine on the NPR program ”To the Best of Our Knowledge,” in which she was speaking with Ann Strainchamps about her experience of great loneliness as a Black woman living in America. I was quite struck by this idea of her loneliness and appreciate her voice in conjunction with conversations based on our readings in a JustFaith program focused on Faith and Racial Equity, of which I am a participant.
I realize how much I have missed in terms of understanding the lives and experiences of Black Americans, and that I very much want to grow in this regard. The JustFaith program has introduced me to the writings of Austin Channing Brown (I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness), Robin DiAngelo (White Fragility), and writings that originated from The Underground Railroad: A Record published as 40 Days of Prayer for the Liberation of American Descendants of Slavery.
I am experiencing our reading group as a space of safety as I admit and examine my racial biases and break them apart with others who are sincerely examining their own. I notice greater awareness on my part of the need for examining deeply held beliefs and ideas that have prevented me, and I think many White Americans, from becoming curious about the lived Black experience. I warmly invite you to consider joining us in the St. Pius Anti-Racism and Equity work group and/or our JustFaith group.

Cathy warmly invites parishioners at St. Pius V and St. Vincent DePaul to walk with us on the third Sunday of every month at 11:30 a.m. We currently meet at St. Pius V rectory chapel, though we would be happy to meet at St. Vincent DePaul too.

Next gathering: November 19, 2023


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