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Help Build Our New Pastoral Council

What is a Pastoral Council?

You may be more familiar with the term Parish Council. A Pastoral Council is the preferred term because it acknowledges the responsibility of the Council to be attentive to the Pastoral needs of the entire community.

“The ministry of the pastoral council [is the place] where the people of God together reflect on the parish’s ministerial activity and, on the basis of that reflection, discern what needs to be changed or developed in the parish to make it more faithful to what God is calling it to be.”

What Does a Pastoral Council Do?

“The Pastoral Council serves to:

  • Establish goals and objectives for the parish and priorities for their implementation.

  • Coordinate all parish-related activity and to ensure that the stated goals, objectives, and priorities are implemented and maintained.

  • Promote meaningful dialogue and decision making among the priests, religious, and laity in fulfilling the mission of Jesus.

  • Identify and encourage the use of the gifts and talents of the members of the parish.”

Please Nominate Yourself or a Fellow Parishioner

Reflect on the following qualities that serve as criteria for selection:

  • Passion for and participation in parish Eucharist, community life, faith and Mission

  • Mature ability to collaborate: to identify the gifts of others and call them forth for the sake of the Mission

  • Communication: willingness to listen, speak respectfully, and represent the views of others

  • Leadership: ability to inspire and motivate others

  • Flexibility and openness with people and ideas

  • Availability and follow-through


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