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Urge Senator Josh Hawley to support H.R. 7024, the Child Tax Credit

About 40 percent of the individuals who receive food from the St. Pius V food pantry are children. Their parents are typically working in low-paying, yet critically important, jobs such as home health aides, nursing home care attendants, janitors, cooks, and child care providers.

What does the Child Tax Credit do?

H.R. 7024 makes critical improvements to the Child Tax Credit, which would improve the lives of 295,000 Missouri children. Getting a cash tax refund helps working parents afford to put food on the table and pay the bills. The Child Tax Credit helps provide the stable, supportive family environment children need to succeed in life. It is a life-line to many, enabling them to pay overdue gas and electric bills, rent and make needed car repairs.

Some families only receive a partial credit, or no credit at all, because their incomes are too low. H.R. 7024 partially addresses this flaw, and also increases the amount of the tax credit.

Suggested Message to Senator Hawley:

I am writing to urge your support for the bipartisan House tax bill, H.R.7024. The bill passed the House by a significant margin of 357 – 70 under the leadership of representative Jason Smith. I urge you to join Representative Smith in supporting this bill and ask that you call for swift passage of the bill when the Senate returns from recess on April 8th.

Please send two messages.

2. Email Senator Hawley’s Legislative Director


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