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Assisi House in the St. Louis Review

Read the March 14 article about Assisi House, including Utah House, located next to St. Pius V, and supported by our parish.

About Assisi House

In 2018, our parish convent at 3522 Utah Street became available for other uses after our beloved Sisters of the Most Precious Blood of O'Fallon relocated. The convent building, with thirteen bedrooms and large common spaces, is ideally suited for the community-building work of the Assisi House organization. As an active partner in the stability of the South Grand and Tower Grove neighborhoods for over 100 years, we helped establish the fifth Assisi House in the former convent building. As of mid-November 2018, thirteen men who were formerly unhoused now have an affordable, supportive, and permanent home.

From the article by Jennifer Brinker:

Assisi House offers a low-cost housing solution, which, for some residents, is a means of transition as they stabilize their lives. For others, it’s a more permanent option, said Megan Armentrout-Steward, who was hired in 2019 as program and volunteer director and became the organization’s first executive director in 2023. . . .Volunteers assist in other ways, including property construction and maintenance and as accompaniment partners. That could include helping a resident with a resume or budget, running errands, cooking a meal together or just visiting with one another.

Find out more about Assisi House, and how you can volunteer, here:


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