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How Do I Start a Plastic-Free Life?

"Let us boldly step out of our comfort zone, guided by the Holy Spirit to denounce unjust policies and practices in response to “the cry of the earth and the poor.” -Laudato Si, 49

An unjust practice is using single-use plastic that is filling our oceans, and killing ocean creatures. Together, we can change to avoid single-use plastic, and change the system that produces it.

The Plastic Free Communities Manifesto

We live in a plastic world. It’s an extraordinarily useful, versatile, cheap material. And it’s everywhere. And it’s a growth industry, with one in every ten barrels of oil now used to create new plastic. We can make sure we don’t choke our streets, parks, and playgrounds with it. Because if it’s on our street today, then it’s in our rivers tomorrow, and our beaches and oceans forever. We can make sure each of us understands that we can change this, whoever we are and wherever we live. But we can only do all of this together.

It starts here and it starts with us.

How do I start a plastic-free life?

Many of you have made these changes already. I made these changes, so it is possible without being plastic deprived! -S. Gen Cassani, SSND

I recommend you start with one or two of the following:

  1. Say no to straws. If you need straws or like them, opt for a reusable one. They are available in local stores.

  2. Ditch plastic water bottles and refuse them if offered. Bring your own bottle.

  3. Bring your own cloth bags to the store.

  4. Avoiding take-away coffee cups, which are lined with plastic and unrecyclable in most places.

  5. Make a change from plastic vegetable packaging by using mesh bags. They are in the grocery stores near the fruits and veggies.

  6. Use Beeswax wrapping instead of plastic wrap.

  7. At the end of the week WITNESS - tell someone about the changes you made and why you made them.

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